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SALE Hug Quilt "Intertwined Beauty Buried in the Heart" w/ sleeve REVERSIBLE

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A Hug Quilt "Intertwined Beauty Buried in the Heart"

This quilt has special meaning to me as I finished it after the sudden death of my father's passing. Though, it was never meant for me, but I pray it consoles someone who fears a temporary darkness and soothes them in a way words cannot express.
This was machine made and started as a sample piece, grew, and grew, into something all of it's own, and intertwined style of again traditional and bold florals of reds, greens, whites, purples, and slight yellows, high contrast. Extreme quilting detail was done here with smoky nylon thread which can add a hint of sparkle when light hits. Extra yo-yo's and handmade floral embellishments were made just to accent the piece.

Size is approximately 36x37 almost a perfect square, but then again, who is perfect, right? Together we make a perfect balance. :) Of course it can be a lap quilt, a throw, a hug quilt (my nickname) or anything else, especially because it has a built in sleeve on the floral side, hidden well for hanging on the wall also. It can be used just about any way you'd prefer

Also, A percentage of your purchase does go to support The Wounded Warrior Project to support our soldiers wounded in battle, veterans, and their families. You can't go wrong with this purchase. The rest will support our homeschool family and medical/curriculum bills. I pray it goes to someone who will greatly cherish and appreciate it.

I do ship international and make custom orders of all types. For international customers, please inquire if shipping seems to high....I can give you a quote if you send me your address and I will combine shipping to save you money when possible. :) God Bless and thanks for looking!!

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